Friday, January 28, 2011

Snez E-News with Pics, videos of Tamworth Country Music Festival

We arrived back safely from Tamworth. I can’t believe how many singer/songwriters and performers there are. There was a performer every metre in Tamworth and we were one of them.

We had a lot of fun. We drove up a couple of days before the with our film-maker and photographer Nathan in tow to document our time there. Thank you Nathan, you did a fantastic job, we were planning to sleep at a rest area, but were kindly invited to stay with the rest of band in rental home. 

Nathan - go the cowboy hat! and on the right the Stew and Lindsay (our drummer)

Clearly I need some sleep

On arrival we met up with our bass player Chris, who also comes up to Tamworth every year to play with his other band the ‘Dead Setters’ at Joe Maguire’s Pub. At the pub we also met up with Lindsay our drummer, so we were re-united again….awww.
Above: The Dead Setters and on the right - Chris (our bass player)

We spent the night wandering the streets, dancing, joking and just being plain dirty! Had noodles at a noodle shop against the background of some bad Elvis renditions. Check out this video of our time in Tamworth - Some of it is shot on iphones, still cameras, so quality may not be great.

We spent our arvo rehearsing - We haven't played with the full band for a while, so we definitely need to refresh.Our gig at ASONG was a small one, so it was pretty much on and off for us, although we gave it everything we had, I came off stage with a bleeding finger and blood spraying everywhere because of the tambourine….umm I mean because I was throwing myself around the stage…haha….Rock n Roll!!!!!

Clare and Denny and the gang from ASONG were there set up and ready to go, with lots of artists from Sydney as well as a couple of up and coming country singers like Teneile and also a veteran Kim Cheshire. Even got to hear Denny get up there and sing…nice!

Rehearsal back at the house
Check out the little video I put together that might give you an idea of what we did, featuring the band, Vicki  (chris’s wife), Nathan and general crowd. I hope you enjoy it. In summary I would say that our music is too pop for country!

BTW – We were thinking about getting a band name eg: Snez and the Cliché’s….anyone got any ideas?

snez xxx

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