Monday, September 20, 2010

Gypsy soul tour diary - Still in Alice Springs : )

19th September 2010

mmm warm shower : ) It’s been pissing down rain and windy and freezing for a few days now. There are a lot of homeless aboriginals in Alice who sleep under the bridge on Todd river which is dry at the moment. Apparently there was news that the around the Todd river might flood - it’s actually normally dry, so I guess any water in it might be called a flood! So the police were busy moving the homeless people out from under the bridge and to higher ground just in case.

Apart from the rain, we awoke to a wonderful breakfast made by Scott including freshly hatched eggs and then a game of softball outside in the wind. It was freezing but we warmed up very quickly.

....and Yes, I did hit the ball : )
Spent most of the arvo just lazing about and now we’re about to give Scott and Raelene and the kids a little concert of our music.

Raelene’s mum came over in the night (She lives in a small house about 500 metres away on the same land). She’s in her 70’s and looks very well. Very feisty and strong willed. Lot’s of opinions and a very big activist in the aboriginal community.

Stew, Raelene's mum, snez and Jake
With this small attentive audience we did a half hour concert of our songs, which they seemed to really enjoy. Scott said they don't get much entertainment out here, except for austar.

Scott's son, Jake even requested 'Hotel California' which we gladly obliged him with. They even sang along to some of the songs. Soooo nice. I really feel in my element with small intimate audiences. Performing acoustically with no PA in a nice sounding room is the most beautiful experience for both Stewart and I. I'd love to do more gigs like this!

Scott, Raelene, Jake, Shae, Stew, Me and Freddy
We ended the night around the table eating freshly made creamed rice and catching up on family things. A very nice day!

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