Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gypsy soul tour diary - Alice Springs Continued

20th September 2010

This morning was spent in town at Alice springs to pick up some groceries and have a look at the Araluen Aboriginal cultural centre. We had a look at some of the art at the gallery.

They came from all over the different communities from NT. Some magnificent dot paintings. There were even old paintings from the 70’s made by aboriginal people on uneven blocks of wood. We noticed the more modern the paintings got, the more colourful they were. Whereas the traditional colours seem to be red, brown, ochre, black. Unfortunately, not allowed to take pics. We also visited the museum too.

Skeleton of the largest bird from 3 million years ago

skeleton of a cane toad...haha

Sculpture of a caterpillar outside the centre

When we got back to Scott's place (Stew's bro), Stew caught up on doing some recording work while Scott showed me how to use the quad bike (almost like a tractor). Off I went in the wind, speeding like a demon through the bush.

I really enjoyed myself on that. I was gone for a while and when I came back Stew came on the back of the bike and we went for a ride ... a fast ride:)

Stew spent the evening teaching Jake how to use the recording software in his computer. Jake wants to be a music producer for hip hop music : ) What better person is there to teach him?

The fire is on, the rain has stopped, we had blue skies today and we all have full bellies from dinner….nice : )

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