Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gypsy Soul tour diary - Alice Springs NT

14th September 2010

Made it to Alice Springs today. It is definitely a lot cooler. We started to put on some layers that’s for sure.

We did a lap of honour and then got out of the car and walked down the Todd Mall. Todd Mall is where my gig is in a couple of days. Whilst strolling Stew spotted a Digeridoo music shop where they held 30 minute free didge classes and also weekly Didgeridoo concerts. We booked in to see the Didge show next week, but while we were there we stayed to have a free group Didge lesson. That was pretty cool. Got a few tips, with a bit of persistence I think I can master it : )

snezaridoo : ) All I could manage were fart noises

Andrew our Teacher

Stew reckons he should stick to the guitar : )

I’ve taken a liking to Alice Springs. It seems like a very creative area. Lots of stuff happening. Lots of music and art and at the moment the ‘Desert Festival’ is on, so there is a lot of activity. We're here for over a week : )

Stew also saw the local doctor about his ear infection. Nothing serious, just needs to take some drops. Turns out that the doctor was from Marrickville in Sydney and she moved to Alice six months ago. I was wondering why the doctor's appt was taking so long, they were blabbering on about stuff.

We found a camp spot in the bush a few k’s out of Alice. Very peaceful and quiet.

15th September 2010

Tomorrow I’ve got a show at the Todd mall night markets. I’m meeting up at 3 pm with Fran today who works at the council and organizes the entertainment for the markets. She took me around Todd Mall to show me where the entertainment area was and she also said that it’s possible that the whole markets will be cancelled because of the downpour of rain. She felt a little guilty about that and tried to get me some contacts to get another gig.

She rang Scott who is the director of the Desert Festival and mentioned to him that I was looking for a show and I’d be available if someone pulls out. That was nice of her. She also got me in contact with The Rock Bar, who offered us a gig on Sunday. We went to check out the venue just to see if our music would fit in. It looked like it wasn’t the right place for us. It seemed to be another 'covers' pub gig. So we gave that one a miss - who needs money anyway! 

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, I have a radio interview with ABC in the morning to promote the show and my album, so I’m excited about that. I get to do one song live. I always enjoy that.

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