Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gypsy soul tour diary - Alice Springs - ABC Radio Interview

16th September 2010

Our interview was at 9.40 am, so it was an early start for us. This morning was freeeeeezing. It’s amazing, we only came away from extreme heat a few days ago.

We decided that we would sing our new song ‘Red Dirt Wanderer’ on air. I was nervous about that considering we have only played it live twice so far. We did a quick rehearsal in the van before we went into the studio. I just have to remember to smile through all the mistakes : )

The interviewer (forgot her name) asked me all the usual questions about the tour, I felt pretty relaxed and then we sang our song. It sounded great, no mistakes. 'Red Dirt Wanderer' has a really good feel to it.

Said our goodbyes, stole a sticker for my merch bag and then headed off.

We stopped at the Royal Flying Doctors service where they hold tours and info sessions about what they do and how the RFDS work. I really enjoyed that.

I got a call from Fran who confirmed that the markets gig was cancelled. So that was a real shame. The rain was pouring and so we spent most of the day at the shops to stay out of the rain.

We’re back at the camp spot now, snuggled in bed. Freddy is shivering and sleeping under all the blankets.

Tomorrow I’m booked in to do a ‘Dot painting’ workshop with a local artist at Desert Park. It's about time I did something creative with my hands, I'm missing my art space at home.

Ok, nighty nite : )

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