Friday, July 30, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Charleville QLD

29th July 2010

Still got the flu and have a very runny nose : )
Check out the pic below - double chin and all.

We made it to Charleville last night to get here a day early for my radio interview early in the morning. We stayed on the side of the road, not many camping spots in Charleville. We were at least across from a park which had toilets and we were awoken by a rooster at about  4am - not sure where it came from.

The Park and stew doing the dishes - Below: The bloody rooster

I was a bit worried this morning because I have this radio interview on Triple C FM and I have to sing a song. I wasn't sure if my voice could handle it.  Our interview was at 9.15 am, the earliest we've woken up in a while.

The interview was with Phillip, who is originally from St Kilda in Melbourne. He's only been in Charleville for a week and he'll be coming to our show tomorrow night...There's not a lot of entertainment here and he's dying for some : )

At 11 am I had another phone interview with ABC West Queensland to promote the same shows in Charleville and Tambo. It's nice to get a bit of support from the radio stations.

After that we were free for the rest of the day.
Tomorrow we've got the show at Railway Hotel in Charleville. I'm starting to realise that I have to make some changes to my shows in these country towns, it's not the same as getting up in front of a cafe audience. I have to find a way of connecting with them. They're mostly older blokes drinking do I connect with that? How do I get their attention with my own original songs? I'm working on my patter and my songs today and tomorrow to make a stronger show and make more of the uptempo songs....I'll tell you how it goes....I don't want to waste a 3 hour gig with the attititude of just getting through it, taking the money and run. Stewart says that Aussie pub audience are notoriously tough, that's why our rock bands are some of the best live bands in the world. Tracy from Radio CCC FM said the Railway Hotel was 'a fighting pub'! Stewart said he'll be hiding behing his Martin guitar, which will be hiding behind me !!

The chalk board in front of the railway hotel

It's been raining most of today and yesterday and apparently Western NSW is expecting floods today,we've just left that behind but it's still quite wet here too. Tracey from the radio station in Triple C was quite worried that Charleville was going to flood if it didn't stop raining soon......She raced home to get her camera. Yikes I thought this was supposed to be the dry season.

I really like Charleville, it's a tough country town, but very friendly and there's a creative vibe about it.


Meanwhile Freddy has been secretly stealing smacko's from his doggy bag every time we leave the van and we've just found two empty packets in the van. No wonder he was groaning in his sleep last night : )

I'll be posting the interviews with ABC and Triple C on here tomorrow for you to have a listen.....and will let you know how the railway goes


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