Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The people you meet on the road

The people you meet on the road outback!

A few years ago we were on our way to Darwin, we stopped through Alice Springs to visit Stew's step brother and do a few gigs. We then carried on up the Stuart Highway towards Darwin. Our tank was getting low so we stopped at little roadhouse at Ti Tree, just north of Alice. While Stew was filling up, an old fella came up to my window and said "Hey lady, can you give us a lift ay" ....."Where are you going?" I said so naiivly. "Aaaah only a couple of mile up the track!". Stew went in to check with the servo guy to see if this fella was legit and was told "Oh yeah he's alright ... but a couple of miles could end up 60 miles!"

"Ok hop in" Stew said as I opened the sliding door of the van and signaled to the old bloke to get in. As soon as the door opened 3 guys and a woman came out of nowhere, jumped in the back of the van and started munching their hot chips and pies - ha cheeky ambush!

After we passed the 10 mile mark, we started to ask questions. "How much further?" "...ah, not far brother, just follow this road, till you see the 'Big Man', then turn right".
About 60 miles later! we finally saw the 'Big Man' - in Aileron. It was a sculpture on the hill in the distance.
We all hopped out of the van exchanged handshakes and took a couple of photo's together. "You owe us $30 bucks for that picture", the old bloke had the hide to joke, and I returned with "You owe us $100 bucks for petrol mate!"

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