Thursday, February 11, 2021

SNEZ E-News : Album launch photo's taken by 6 year old Ellie

Opening act with Stewart Peters

What a wonderful night spend with close friends old and new. Thank you all so much for c0elebrating 'Fisher on the Sea' release with me on Saturday. We have been training Ellie to sit on the side of the stage for eternity and it seems like it's finally paid off. She sat through a very long day of sound checks, milling around, socialising and then finally opening act and final show. She was with us from 3.30 pm until 10 pm and she was a trooper. She had two jobs - to hang around the merch desk and to take photos. Apart from this above photo, the rest were taken by Ellie. Well done!
Ellie's table companion Julie
Dee Bee taking a few snaps
radiance personified : Freedom Summers
Julie said that Ellie spent 70% of the time
taking photos of her eating dinner
A constant in a the audience, Shelley
Wayne, disgusted with my onstage banter : )

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