Wednesday, August 8, 2018

SNEZ E-News - Busking on the Road

Hello folks, another warm sunny day here in Valla. Here's another video blog with a new song called 'Busking on the Road'. When I'm on the road, I am in heaven. Don't get me wrong, it's hard yakka, I get emotional, I hurt my back, Ellie's usually screaming in the background while I'm preparing for a show, she's having a meltdown, I have low moments and I start to itch to get on stage because that is MY TIME -  a relief from everyday life. It took a long time to get to a point where I book a show and people actually buy tickets and turn up and I'm really grateful to be able to share the gift of song, the audience is usually right there rising up to welcome me. So thank you. 

In other News:

FREE Gig: If you're around Port Macquarie this week, I'll be up and at em really early. Way too early for a muso. 9 am at the Salty Crew Kiosk in Port Mac //  FREE show. Come by and grab some breakfast and early morning tunes. Sunday 12 August/9am to 11am

Ellie, at the family retreat
 Music Clip News: Last year I went to Macedonia with my parents, Stewart and Ellie and spent a month immersed in family politics, beautiful scenery, pizzas and wine. As some of you may know, I play a beautiful traditional Macedonia folk song in my set. I spent my time in Macedonia filming a music clip to go with 'Makendonsko Devojce'. So keep your eyes peeled for a new clip soon.

August Upcoming Gigs
Sun 12 Aug - Salty Crew Kiosk, Port Mac 9 am
Fri 17 Aug - Studio 3, 2NVR live show, Tewinga, 6.30 pm
Sun 26 Aug - Funkya@Unkya Markets, Eungai, 10am

Thats it for now folks.
Smell ya later
Snez x

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