Monday, June 27, 2016

SNEZ E-News Update: Home sweet Home, Post Mortem

I'd love to say thank you to all my concert hosts, venues, and people that shared homes and made us lovely home cooked meals all the way down to Victoria and back up to the Sunshine coast. I had a lovely run of shows. With audiences that were so attentive and warm. These are shows that performers dream about and a nice reminder of why I'm following this wonderful path of music. None of my travels could have been possible with 3 very important people.

Elle, Ellie and Me
Elle Ellwood who accompanied me on the first tour in April. We had to weather some difficult times together from all 3 of us being sick with the cold from the start, nose bleeds, vomiting, being bogged, and general daily mood swings! It was the first trip with little Ellie (15 months old) so we were still trying to figure out how the van worked, how the shows would work with a little one tearing down the hallways, whether we would get along. I threw myself in the deep end, suffered physically and mentally and got through that first stint without too many scars. By the end we were ripping out some fart jokes and had the most belly laughs I've had in a long time. I was pretty proud of myself driving home after I dropped Elle home in Hazelbrook. By the end of that tour we were like two old war buddies - friends for life! And I felt I could conquer the world!

I made a lot of mistakes on the first tour, but made up for it on the second tour where Vicki Mearns came long. I've known Vicki for 10 years, Chris (Vicki's husband) plays in my band on bass from time to time and so there was a bit of history that made this trip a lot easier in some ways. Vicki came with bags full of little toys and tricks to keep Ellie amused and they worked a treat. Vicki not only nurtured Ellie but also nurtured me as I was on breaking point from exhaustion. We had some fun times in Eumundi, where we stayed in Joes pub. There was a rock band on until late when we arrived, which Ellie slept through peacefully. When the band finished we were left with punters coming up to their rooms burping and farting all night on our balcony. Some of the farts would last at least 10 seconds! That memory will stick in my mind forever. I saw whales in Ballina, had a posh dinner with Vicki and Ellie in Noosa and weathered torrential rain on parts of our trip. Lots of fun!

Stewart at Humph Hall, Sydney
Thirdly Stewart Peters. When I decided that I wanted to continue touring after having Ellie. Stewart was my support from day 1. He pushed me to make it happen. Throughout the tour he became my lifeline, he was receiving calls at 6am from me; whining away; saying things like -  'I don't think I can do this'. He propped me up throughout the first tour. He jumped in the car and drove out to Nowra to have dinner with us while I was down and out. He also drove out to Berowra on the second tour, while I was in immense pain with a toothache with a tooth that needed to be pulled out.  We don't play much as a duo these days due to Ellie, but it was lovely to see him turn up to my last show on the tour in Sydney last week and have him sing some harmonies. Felt like old times.

Bulahdelah, on the way home

I'm pretty grateful to have so much support from family and friends, cheering me on as I navigate through finding a balance between a creative life and motherhood. Thank you every one who followed my journey. Your emails, FB comments and messages did not go unnoticed.

For the next couple of months, I'll be hibernating here in Blackheath to write new material and record some new songs which I'm excited about. It's snowing today, a nice welcome into winter in the Blue Mountains.

Smell ya later
Snez xx


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