Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SNEZ E-News: Happy New Year & Big Plans

Ellie, Mia (niece) and Jax (nephew) and both my sisters
Well we've made it through Christmas. Happy New Year to everyone! Lots of family catchups and chaos : ) Even took a picture on skype with Stews son, Andrew, whos in the US at the moment.

2015 shifted my world to another place. I got through it unscathed : ) and on to some more exciting adventures in 2016.

Stewarts daughter, Kristy and Nick (Bf) and son Andrew
I remember whilst I was pregnant, my biggest fear was that I would lose my music and ability to create and I guess it was reinforced by traditional parenting views and 'now that you're a mother.....' type of talk.

I searched high and low on the internet looking for information and inspiration about women who were independent low profile artists who were mothers AND touring...and poor. I found NIL.

In fact, I came across an article written by a woman telling me that 'If I chose to have a child, then I was inadvertently putting my career aside and I was an amateur'. That was a kick in the guts for me and put a cracker up my arse to get my shit together. (err...arse/cracker/shit!..I sense a theme) I came to the conclusion that I am a mother and an artist. I do not need to choose. I just need to be focused. No more fluffing around on facebook haha.

So with the help of Stewart giving me some stern motivational words I got straight into trying to make this a reality for me.  2016 is going to be very exciting. I'll be heading out on the road solo, with Ellie. Venturing out to Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Cairns and more. Keep your eyes on my website for tour dates.

In the meantime, I'm hibernating until March, I've got new songs to work on and demo in the studio. I bought myself an irish bouzouki which will become part of my touring show...now I just need to learn how to use it: ) Ellie has turned 1 and walking, she'll starting her first swimming lessons : ) We got a Nanny and I'm happy woooohooo!

Talk soon and smell ya later

Snez xx

PS I'm still looking for anyone who would like to host a house concert from Sydney to Sunshine Coast in June, so shoot me an email if you would know of anyone or would like to host


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