Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SNEZ E-News: SNEZ & the Zens in the studio

Hello folks, well I'm back from my 10 silent meditation retreat. I've been out of silence for over a week now and jumped straight into recording a live studio album. Talk about shocking the system. My time at Vipassana felt like a turning point in my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but the only way I can describe it is, that it felt like a crash course in meditation - no books, no guitar, no pen, paper - Just me and my mind filled with thoughts, crazy talk, the past and the present, all jumbled up. Previous to this 10 days, I wasn't even able to meditate for 5 minutes.  I came away feeling rejuvinated, positive about the future and able to sense every sensation in my body. I think I'd need to talk to you in person to explain what I mean. I grew my armpit hairs while I was there and I never realised that I'd have such long flowing locks, it would be a shame to shave them off now.....
The band - Chris, Lindsay, Me, Freddy and Stewart
Anyway, the album. As you know, the band and I, don't do too many shows these days, it's mainly acoustic, but we'd always been talking about maybe doing a live album. I asked the band, if they had any ideas about maybe coming up with a band name...and a few things came up
1. Snez and the Cliches
2. Snez and the old blokes
and then Chris (bass) came up with a corker....he just casually said 'What about Snez and the Zens, it's Snez spelt backwards?'....well how can you argue with that logic and so the band had it's new name. The guys came into the studio yesterday for a full day of recording together. We pulled out songs that have not been released on albums, but  played many times live. We will be including a couple of new acoustic songs, which will give you a sneek peak into the next official album.
Too much time on our hands I think!

Anyway I thought I'd give you a listen to one of the roughly edited songs, that Stewart spent today mixing in the studio. 'Stupid Love' is one of the very first songs I performed with Stewart in the early days. It's a feel good song, but never quite fit with the acoustic stuff. So enjoy, let me know what you think.....

Chris and Lindsay
Check out the blog next week for more pics and some video of our time in the studio with Chris, Lindsay, myself, Stewart and Freddy the dog.

Smell ya later
snez xx

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