Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snez E-News: Happy New Year 2014

on the road on Barkly Highway, with the peace runners
Happy New Year folks. I had a nice time with my family down south, making lots of noise and annoying the adults with my little niece Mia. You gotta love children and their wild imaginations.
No sooner had the clocked turned over to midnight into the new year, I was back on the phone making tour calls, rehearsing shows and working on a new album. I've had such an eventful 2013. Each year after I finish the tour, I say to Stewart 'You know, I'm going to take a month break after tour' and then it never happens!!! I need a break!

Some of my major highlights for 2013 include the huge success of my winter tour. By far the most successful series of shows I've performed in a really long time, I'm looking forward to being on the road again in 2014. My Cambodian adventure with Stewart, working with the Green Gecko kids, opened my eyes to how powerful music really is, even in third world countries and ofcourse, I've been flat out writing and recording songs for a new album.

I've got lots of shows in 2014 which I'm really excited about. Let me know if you want to see anything in particular on my blog, otherwise I'll be in touch.

Smell ya later
snez xx

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