Monday, December 16, 2013

SNEZ E-News from Cambodia - Imagine Larn

When we first came to Green Gecko, a young boy 'Larn' approached me and asked if I could help him change the strings on his guitar and tune it up for him. From then on we began working on learning the chords for John Lennon's 'Imagine' and then onto 'Crazy Dog'. Through out our time there, the staff and volunteers at Green Gecko had been trying to persuade Larn to sing 'Imagine' at the end concert in November, and he was so stubborn and kept telling us a flat NO!. We had given up on trying.

On the night of the concert, right at the end, Green Gecko founder and Mum, Tania Palmer,  stood up and asked a special favour....'I would like Larn to sing 'Imagine'.  How could Larn say no to that! So he picked up his guitar and whispered in my ear and said 'I'll play the guitar and you sing'.  I told him, 'I'll sing the verses, if you sing the chorus' with that compromise off we went. We only managed to get half of it filmed, but it captures the moment. 

I was so inspired by Larn's courage and confidence to get up on stage and share his soul. It was a wonderful, teary experience for everyone.

Keep an eye out for the next blog, featuring 'Crazy Dog' with Snez, Stewart and all the Gecko Kids.

Smell ya later
snez xx

P.S Thanks to those that came out the Galston Club last night to watch Stew and I perform. It was a wonderful night

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