Monday, October 21, 2013

SNEZ E-News Update: Bush Fire Updates and Benefit concert this Saturday

Courtyard Sessions, Alice Springs NT
Been home now for almost a month and it's starting to feel like we never left. I tell you, I wasn't keen on coming home, we had such an amazing run of shows, I feel very blessed. We ended our tour with some beautiful shows in Alice Springs, organised by Jeanette Wormald.  The tour is over, and in a month I'll have to start booking next years tour! The work never stops.

A lot of people have been asking me about the fires in the Blue Mountains, thank you for your emails and concerns. There has been a lot devastation, people losing homes, pets and properties. We're safe here in Blackheath for the moment, but our evacuation plans are set, because anything can change. Click here to keep updated. They're collecting food for the firies at the Fire stations, but please ring beforehand.  They are also collecting stuff at the salvos, but please ring beforehand. Please think about all our furry friends, ring wires or the rspca to see what is needed - I think they need old towels, cages, fruit and veggies etc.

Simon Crosbie
BENEFIT CONCERT***Change of venue
There will be a benefit concert held at the New Ivanhoe, in Blackheath, this Saturday - from 4.30 pm. Lots of music and fundraising for Simon and Susie Crosbie from Mt Vic, who lost their home and everything around it! and also many of their neighbours lost their properties too. You might have seen Simon at some of our gigs , playing the blues harp. Our thoughts go out to him, if you can come along to the concert to support it, that would be great. Local muso Steve England also in Yellow Rock, had a bit of damage to his home.

There's no time for sleep around here. We're going to be doing some volunteer work with Green Gecko Project - an school/orphanage in Siem Reap. We'll be doing some intense workshops on Songwriting, Performing and Recording....with a big concert for the school at the end.....I'm very excited and scared at the same time. We'll be teaching six classes a day with different age groups. They do know english...which is a big plus!

Okay, another update coming soon
smell ya later
snez x

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