Monday, January 14, 2013

SNEZ E-News & Blog - Back to Business

Hello my dears,
After the holidays it's really difficult to get back into things isn't it, I know it is for me.I've got lots of plans this year, some will happen and some probably won't as is always. I am starting to work on new songs which is always exciting, trying out new ideas and fresh approaches. I have lots of gigs lined up for the first half of the year and of course the tour over winter time.

I'd like to welcome Jenny Scerri to the snez gang. Jenny is assisting me with business side of my music...which I hate doing and prefer that someone else does it.  She is of great help and I really appreciate her thoughts on things.

Now I have a project coming up that I've been babbling about since last year. The Wild Women project as you know will be launched on Sat 9th Feb at Cafe Church Space in Glebe. We have various artists onboard for an intimate unplugged performance. Joining us also is 'Hands Heart and Feet' to bring out the wild women and men in us all.

 See poster below. The early bird tickets at $12 expires on Jan 20th, so you've got a couple of days to grab them. For artist line up visit

Anyway smell ya later
Snez xx

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