Monday, November 12, 2012

SNEZ E-News & Blog - Going Up and Humph stuff!

Me & Stew
Hey Folks
What a wonderful show I had at Humph Hall. My second time there and it was such a beautiful experience. The great thing about it is that you get to talk to your audience as if they're friends because it's so intimate. Check out more photos at Humph Hall. 

Opening the night with Mikey and B, members from Loosely Woven
B, me, Wayne that runs Humph Hall, Stew and Mikey

Some of our lovely audience

Mikey & B

New Song - 'HE'S GOING UP'
Check out this new songs I've been working on called 'He's Going Up'. Back in September I did a gig at the Katoomba RSL club, performing to senior citizens on pensioners day. I got talking to this old bloke and he was getting around on a walking frame and he had a cataract in one eye...he was a mess, but you know what he said to me.....'I always try and stay UP, because you know what the other side is....DOWN'....that was so gorgeous, I stole his line and a made a usual! I hope to play the song for him at the next RSL show I'm doing in January 2013.

Lyrics - 'He's Going Up' 
Jim woke up this morning
With a smile on his face
A cataract in one eye
But he can see me just the same

He’s going up
Cause the other side is down

He lost his heart to Iris
From the Hillsdale nursing home
He’d love to get his hands on her
But she says, take it slow


He says his prayers to Jesus
Iris makes sure of that
If he thought he might be safe from hell
He’d tell her she’s a quack

He’s going down
The only other side is up

He puts his shirt on backwards
All his friends they tell him so
But he’d rather be a fool
Then be another fool’s shadow


(This is the part I didn't do, the melody goes everywhere...Just imagine it)
I am the entertainer
At the local rsl
That’s how I met
My old mate Jim
Telling jokes and spinning yarns
And singing songs, Singing songs we know so well

Now Iris saw the doctor
She hasn’t long to go
And the last I saw of jim
He lost another eye you know

Well I'd like to announce that I've officially passed my white star test for Roller Derby to get to the next stage closer to be able to play a game. From now on my training is more hands on and a lot more contact, don't be surprised if you see me with my teeth knocked out at the next show. I got 61.3 out of 65, which I'm very happy about.


  1. WOOHOOO!!!! Go Snez - congrats on passing your White Star - and I love that photo of you all pulling faces.