Monday, October 8, 2012

SNEZ E-News & Blog - Dogs, songs & family!!!

Demonstrations with the dogs at 'Dogtober'
Hello lovely people. I've just finished a stint of shows over the weekend. Had a great time. In particular I had a really awesome show at The Shack in Narrabeen. I've been rehearsing my live show for a little bit and I was trying out a new headset and it was pretty successful. I had the concert filmed so a new Live DVD at The Shack will be released soon.

went really well. Last year they raised $9 K. I never realised, but apparently Assistance Dog's Australia provides these beautiful dogs to disabled people for FREE. They often get mistaken with Guide Dogs Australia.  They're trained to pick up the phone, pick things up off the ground like mobiles, keys or anything a disable person drops, they press the button at pedestrian crossings and lots of other things. They're very clever. Each dog alone costs $27, 000 each after being trained and by raising money, Assistance Dogs Australia can provide these dogs for FREE. Thats fantastic. Demonstrations were held on the day. Very cute!

'Dogtober' at Martin Place
 I also wanted to promote another beautiful house concert that will be happening this weekend. It's at the Leura Palace (Megs Home) on Sunday 14th October at 4 pm. It's going to be a lovely intimate afternoon with myself, Stewart and Lindsay will be coming along with some percussion. 

For bookings and the address email Meg at [email protected]
or ring 0425 270 632. Limited seats. We've got beautiful weather here lately (except today), you'll love it if you're coming from Sydney.


   Miles away by snezmusic

Miles away was recorded a while back. Years ago, my mum, dad, and two sisters went to a party for our very close family friends. After my dad had been enjoying himself, eating, drinking and dancing he collapsed. He was unconcious and an ambulance was called. It was pretty terrifying actually, when I think back about it. The ambulance managed to resuscitate him. To cut a very long and painful story short, after a few weeks in hospital, it was touch and go, but he was all good and stronger than ever now. He still likes to eat, drink and dance : ) but not all at the same!

dad, me, suzi - older sis, diana - younger one, don't judge us
by the terrible photo!!!! I'm going to get in big trouble for
posting this you better enjoy it!!!
I was only starting out my music career at that stage. Still learning how to sing. I had a keyboard, but I had never written a song with an instrument before. I could only write lyrics. I had only started to write with Stewart for about a month.

While my dad was in hospital, we were visiting regularly and it was a very tumultuous time. The only way I survived was by tinkling on the keyboard and then a miracle happened.... I pieced a few chords together (I didn't know what chords were back then) and out came  this song. This is the very first song I wrote all on my own with words and music......Yikes, I hope I've improved!!! Go the drum loop and the vibrato! How bloody embarrassing!

Ok, that's all for now
Smell ya later
Snez xx

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