Monday, September 17, 2012

Snez E-News - Snez and the Duelling piano's

Hey folks

Stewart's other older brother, Mike, stayed at our place for a week or so and we spent some time in the studio. Mike is a very accomplished pianist and we took advantage of that situation. He laid down some piano tracks for a couple of my songs and also some of Stewart's songs. I'm very pleased with them.   Onya Mike!

In our spare time, Mike and I created a masterpiece composition on the piano, I'm sure you will appreciate it. (The parts that are slightly off on the piano .....well...that's me) I've never really been much of pianist ; ). Mind you, I had lessons for about a year and a half...unfortunately you have to practice your instrument if you want to get ahead!

Anyway check out the recording! Don't click off, until you hear my fabulous solo!

   MIke Snez 11sep12 !!!! by snezmusic

Mike Peters

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