Monday, July 2, 2012

SNEZ '8 Lives Tour' - Johnny Cash and the Camel Toe!!!

'Camel' and Stewy...awww
Do you remember a couple of years ago when I swore ‘I WOULD NEVER DO A PUB GIG AGAIN’ after the outback trip… well I’ve had a relapse.
I booked 2 pub gigs on this tour in the bush, as covers gigs, but we pretty much did 50% originals. What can I say …. It pays for petrol!
Anyway, we arrive in the country town of Kin Kin, inland from Noosa, to the Country Life Hotel, where we were playing, nothing much there except a coffee shop and the pub and a sign on the wall that said ‘Live Entertainment’ – Featuring ‘SMEZ TRIO’,

The Drive to Kin Kin
We were booked for 4 hours of music, the first three hours went well, we entertained the people, took out all the old country classics and I even sang ‘Folsom Prison’ by Johnny Cash which I learn't that morning. We were invited to sit on a table with some bikies who shared their massive king prawns with us and insisted on buying us beers. We were on the home stretch, just said our goodbyes, thanked the hotel and then we saw the manager walk up to the stage in slow motion….NOOOOOOOO!!. They asked if we could play for another hour. We couldn’t say no and we needed the money. 

Sounds Original in Brisbane

So for another hour we played, in this last bracket we took part in the farewell of the kitchen hand in the hotel, with speeches, cakes and flowers and that’s when we met a big bloke by the name of ‘Camel’. He told us he had a towing business which was called ‘Camel Tow’ . I thought that was pretty funny! Then Stewart accompanied him on stage with Camel's version of Folsom Prison…. Anyway we made it through it with everyone jolly on the grog, the fire burning and managed to sell some CD’s !!! Great afternoon overall.

 Check out the video above for some footage and to see what we’ve been doing, including a Crosby, Stills and Nash inspired recording session with a bunch of guys in Brisbane, including one of our singer/songwriter friends from Sydney,  Luciano.

Snez xxx

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