Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snez E-News '8 Lives Tour' - Peace, Love and Brown Rice!

Finished our last show of the week in Nimbin and we have a few days off. Heading off towards Brisbane for a very hectic week of shows back to back. Looking forward to it, but I've been enjoying the small break.
The weather is warm and I've cracked out the shorts and t-shirt, just the way I like it.

I think my writers block is starting to loosen up, I've written a new song on the ukelele titled 'Hullabaloo' as the working title, but it's changing every day. You'll get to hear it in the next blog : )

We had a great show at Lulu's Cafe in Mullumbimby where we re-united with Siegfried the German traveller we met in Bellingen. He bought us a block of chocolate which was nice and told us that he's decided to go back to Germany for a few months...I think he might be a bit of a wanderer : )

We had a radio interview on Bay FM in Byron Bay with Paris Cat Alley, I played a couple of songs live and we talked. She gave away a CD on air and that was that, great experience. Then headed off to Nimbin for a show at the Nimbin Bush Theatre. Daniel from the theatre invited us back anytime and said he'd shout us a free lentil soup if we popped on the way back : ) We never knock back free food !!!!

Nimbin was described to us as 'An asylum without walls'. I understand that now, coming back after a year.

Anyway, smell ya later

Snez & Stew

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