Sunday, June 10, 2012

SNEZ '8 Lives' Tour - Enews - Germans, Luke the Uke and rain!!!!

Phew!!! I'm back on air, just been flat out between gigs this week.I got an email from my friend Lel in the mountains and she said I was lucky that I have escaped because it’s freezing in Katoomba….well Lel, we’re still freezing up here, but the more and more we head the north, the warmer it will get. Stuck in a bit of rain too, but still loving it.

We've had a great string of shows of late, CD sales going well and meeting some very interesting people on the road. We even bumped into a friend from the mountains, Meg, who came to our show in Bellingen.

We also met a fellow traveler by the name of Siegfried Shortmann - a German bloke we were parked next to in Bellingen, he's been on the road for the last 30 years. We shared our travelling stories, favourite camping spots and then he tuned in to hear us on the local radio 2bbb  
 and then came to the show at the Purple Carrot, which was very nice 

Siegfried loves croissants, he makes them in his camper van and said that the best croissants he's ever tasted in Australia were right here in Bellingen at the Open Hearth Cafe. So that night after the gig he said 'I'll shout you a croissant each tomorrow morning for breakfast'...well I'll never pass up a free croissant, thats for sure!

He'll be following our shows along the coast and will pop in from time to time as he is heading the same way and even said he will make us some home made croissants when we get to Port Douglas...yummy!!

Me and the announcer at 2bbb
Stew bought a good ukelele with a pick up on the road and we've named it 'Luke the Uke' and he's been driving me mad with it. I've already put my foot down and told Stew that he's only allowed to play it on four songs.....

Yamba St Cafe
We've finished our last show for this week in Yamba, we've played there before with Cheryl and Warren sending us off with our tummy's full as 
 usual. We've just found a camping spot outside of Yamba in a place called Angourie. It's pouring rain, but I'm feeling very snug. We staying along the beach tonight at a place called 'Spooky Beach'....oooohhh!!!!

So thanks for tuning in.

Smell ya later, Snez, Stew & Freddy

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