Friday, June 15, 2012

SNEZ '8 Lives Tour' - Back to the 80's

Hello folks, Well we stayed at Spooky Beach for 3 days, mostly inside because of the torrential rains and when sunshine came, we bowed to the Gods!!! ....and aired out all our wet towels : )

Stew and I got to Lismore early to settle in and put a few posters around town to promote the show we had at Palate Cafe, at the Lismore Regional Gallery. In our travels I noticed a sign that said 'SKATING' and my heart skipped a beat, we went down this little dirt road and lo and behold ...there it was!!!! It felt like I was back in the 80's with the disco music pumping through the system. Nice!!! Spent a couple of hours practicing my roller derby moves. Check out the video.

I also had a radio interview with announcer Chris Regan at River FM to promote my show, played about 4 songs live. He would have had me there all afternoon, but my voice was getting croaky. He invited me back to the station on my way back home to do another interview, nice!
Palate Cafe, Lismore

 It's been pretty difficult to find camping spots in Lismore because it's so crowded in, so we slept in the skating centre car park, we've had worse.

Anyway tomorrow we have a show at Lulu's Cafe in Mullumbimby, I played there on our last tour and it's a pretty relaxed gig and then head off straight to Byron Bay to do an inteview at Bay FM. Busy Busy.

Keep those comments coming....
Snez & Stew xx

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