Friday, April 27, 2012

SNEZ E-News - Thanks and chookas!!!!

CD's are in my hands
Hey folks, well tomorrow is the launch of my CD. I'm excited and scared. I don't know how I became a performer really, I was so shy growing up. It makes me nervous, but I love writing songs and sharing them with people, I get joy if I've moved someone in any way and it's a wonderful release flinging myself about the stage. The band is all good to go for saturday, had my last rehearsal with Lester who will be playing didjeridoo on some songs.

I just wanted to thank everybody for their support, for buying tickets to the launch, without an audience, I can't really share what I've got. There are only a few tickets left to the show, so get in quick. I'm happy to squeeze you in, but you may end up sitting on a cushion if that's okay.....

Also wanted to thank the wonderful crew that I'll be working with tomorrow. Warren Munce on the door, Dom Gannon who will be looking after seating and stage managing, Kelly Rainey who is organising merchandise, photographers Leah Campbell and Frances Carleton, filming on the night by Nathan Judd and ofcourse the band - Chris, Lindsay, Simon, Stewart, Lester and Gilberto. All these people put their heart and soul into what they're doing and I really appreciate it.

Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow. Doors open at 7.30 pm. Remember it is byo food/alcohol and drinks. This venue is basically a big hall. We will be providing free tea/coffee and nibblies throughout the night. There are tons of cafe's on Glebe Point Road, if you want to grab some dinner before the show.

Snez xx

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