Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SNEZ Blog - Triple J, Pics, vids, and leopard skin leotards

Hello people
What a busy week I've had. We had the cast and crew screening for 'Green' with a couple of VIP tickets going out to fans and friends. I had such a wonderful night. Check out some pics at Nevaeh Photography. A big thank you goes out to Mars Hill Cafe, who has supported our project from the beginning. The clip will be released on Feb 20 on this website and will also be available at Nuh! Productions website.

GREEN on Triple J Unearthed - Number 9
I also wanted to thank you guys so much for your support on facebook, emails and face to face : ) At the moment 'Green' is number 9 on the Triple J Unearthed pop charts and number 75 on the overall charts...this is very cool... Keep rating and reviewing and pass it on to your friends.  Keep the ball rolling man!!

Ange (from Nuh! Productions) and I promised that if 'Green' hits number 1 we'll do a an acoustic comedy version of 'Green' for you (on film) which may involve some dancing : ) and maybe some 80's style leotards. You will want to see this I promise haha.

GREEN on radio
Last week I mentioned that 'Green' was selected for the AirIt Radio Campaign where radio stations Australia wide can select my songs and download them into their playlists. At the moment 'Green' is playing Australia wide on Coast FM in Central Coast, 2MCE in Bathurst, 3 WAY FM in Warnambool and a bunch of others I'll reveal later.

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT CLIP FROM THE MUSIC CLIP, edited & filmed by Ben Brunnekreef - All photo's courtesy of Nuh! Productions. For more pics visit FLICKR.

Ok, smell ya later
snez xxx

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