Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snez E-News & Blog - Happy New Year : )

Happy New Year everyone : )  This year my resolution is much the same as last years. I plan to take my guitar playing to the next level and play some high quality shows, amongst a bunch of other things I have to do.

2011 has sort of been a tough year for me, lots of things popping out of no-where, but it's been very exciting. From lauching into the solo performing, the north coast tour up to cairns, the green film clip and recording the album, these are some of the highlights.

Over the next week I'll start booking shows for my North/East Coast Tour and also prepare the promotional stuff for 'Green'.  I need help from you guys in terms of reviews and requests on certain websites, will let you know when all that happens.

Stay posted for some behind the scenes footage from the 'Green' shoot coming up over January.

Smell ya later

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