Saturday, December 17, 2011

SNEZ E-News & Blog - My sisters in the studio & Nuh! Christmas Video Yay!!!

Yo folks,only a week till christmas. I've already started to feel and guess the presents under my tree : )

Check out this cute christmas video that Nuh! Productions made featuring Stew and I and a few people from the cast and crew of 'Green'. If you're thinking of getting a music video or any kind of production, or photography I would highly recommend these guys.....they are organised and FUN! Which is very rare to find!


It's going to be a pretty massive year for me in 2012, I'm already dying for a break and I haven't even started. 'Green' is in the process of being edited, I saw some snippets of it a few days ago and it looks FAB. I can't wait to share it with everyone in February. 'Green' will be available on itunes as a single in January.

Also the new album now titled '8 Lives Left to Lose' is being released in April with a launch to be organised and a tour following. Pre-Orders for the album will begin in February with special bonuses for people who pre-buy. Will let you know the details soon.

Diana & Suzi my sisters, adding vocals on a song, check out the video below
Brain washing my little neice Mia, to be a musician

Anyway I'll leave you with a short video of my new song 'So I sing this song' my women's lib song. I got my two sisters in the studio to add some vocals to some parts. It was a hoot : ) Check it out!!!

Sister ACT!!!!

Ok, smell ya later
snez xxx


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