Thursday, November 10, 2011

SNEZ E-News & Blog - In the studio with 'The Watchmaker'

Another busy week, recording the album. We have 16 song and we’ve got 8 songs done….phew!!!! Check out this footage of ‘Watchmaker’.

Also I’d love to welcome some new members to the SNEZ team. Leah and Grace will be helping out in the photography and video part of my website. So if you see them at my shows say Hi. The girls came with me for their first session to the Mind Body Spirit festival and captured a bit of the ambience and they did a fantastic job. I’m so excited that they’re onboard, they feel like my little children : ) 

Grace, Stewart and Leah - behind stage at Mind, Body Spirit Festival 2011
 Pics and vids of that on my next blog. If you would like to join the team and feel you can help out in any way,then shoot us an email.

Lindsay has finished his tour with Def leopard and Meat Loaf, so we’ve got him back in the studio to add drums to some songs. So it's nice to have him back again : ) We even did a little show at the open mic last week and it was so much fun.

Lindsay laying down the law!!!

My show at the Illawarra Folk Club went really well. Stew and I were running late and we made it just in time, being the first act on the bill. We also bumped into Rosie McDonald and her band. I played solo with Stewart coming on board to play a little djembe and backing vocals.

Rosie McDonald and her band - can't remember everyones name for the life of me!!! Sorry.
Shoot day have been confirmed for the Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November...yikes. I'm starting to panic now. I'm excited too. We have a fabulous cast and crew organised by Nuh! Productions and a team of dancers for the middle 8 of the songs......You won't catch me dancing that's for sure! I've got two left feet!
A huge thanks to Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta where our script is set. They have let us use their space for free and I really appreciate it too. Mars Hill Cafe has changed alot of lives including mine!
We may need some extras for the filmclip, so if you're interested send us an email.

ET and Arnold coming up with a dance sequence for 'Green' at Parramatta Park.
Stay tuned for the next blog with pics and vids from the 'Green' film clip, Mind body spirit festival and more.

Smell ya later
snez xxx

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