Friday, November 25, 2011

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Helloo folks
Another exciting week with lots of gigs and preparation for the 'Green' Film clip.
We had a wonderful couple of shows in the mountains starting with the annual 'Composers' night in Blackheath at the New Ivanhoe Hotel. It's always a pleasure to play to people who appreciate original music. Stewart played Ukelele and backing vocals and Lindsay playing djembe and shaker and all the light stuff....which might have been very difficult for a rock drummer to do.

On the way to Love Lawson festival the following day I took this picture of Lindsay. Here's a competition for ya! If you can guess what Lindsay's doing in the middle of the bushes you will WIN a FREE 4 CD Pack including an album by Stewart Peters, 2 compilation CD's and one by ME : ) Just in time for christmas.

  1. On the run from the cops, after he beat a man with his drum sticks after the love lawson festival
  2. He's just come off his schitzophrenia medication and we had been chasing him all afternoon
  3. Taking a leak on a native plant which died immediately afterwards
  4. Make up you're own answer in the comment box below : )

We had our last rehearsal at Mars Hill Cafe yesterday which was very exciting. It also eased my mind about how things are going to run on the shoot day. Everyone on the team has been so organised which is amazing.

Me, Elana who plays the waitress & Patrick who is my boyfriend
Dulcie who is on camera & Ange who is director
Rehearsal at Mars Hill Cafe
We still need some extras. If you're interested in being part of the film clip please contact us asap. The shoot is at Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta on the Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November. All day shoot. Food provided, no pay. Email me with a pic and contact details.

Thanks, smell ya later
Snez xx

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