Monday, October 4, 2010

Gypsy Soul tour diary - Tumut long weekend

2nd October 2010
So one week left to go on our tour … I’m half eager to get home and half scared. This morning we started packing away some of our blankets and laundry because we won’t be sleeping in the van for the rest of the tour, we have accommodation every night now … that already feels a bit weird.

Today we’re making our way into Tumut. It’s only an hour away from Wagga. We’ve got two gigs at the Oriental Hotel. We’ve played there before (a Valentine’s Day kind of thing in the restaurant) and then it was a pretty relaxed gig. Except that this weekend is the long weekend and the ARL & NRL grand finals are on… the crowd might be a bit more ‘up-vibe’ than the last time.

Col (the owner of The Oriental), mentioned he had heard our interview on the ABC Riverina and said “They gave you heaps of air time didn’t they”….  Yep, bonus. Will post the interview on here in a couple of days.

So now to our own, private hotel room (the good news is Freddy’s allowed to stay inside too)! They don’t use the hotel to accommodate people so Freddy won’t be a problem. They only accommodate the visiting bands. I’m pretty impressed with Col. He’s always trying new things to get people to the pub with music. He even set up his own festival called ‘The Ori Big chill’ which was a big event at the Tumut showground.

The room at The Ori
Anyway as we settled into the room, I began looking around at all the posters of bands who’d played here and I noticed my poster on the wall from the last tour … and then right next to it on a pin board were a pair of pink undies that said ‘Rock Chick’ on them ….and a red flush came over my face “Oh shit, they’re mine. I wondered where I’d lost them!” I must have left them behind in the room on the last tour and they’ve put them up on the pin board!

My undies on display for the world

Okay, so I got over my initial embarrassment and horror and realised how hilarious it was …. so, naturally, I’ve left them up there and put my ‘Snez’ postcard and badge next to them and wrote ‘I think these are mine!’ Oh well, I can’t take things too seriously in the music biz.


We were set up in the main bar. A bit different to last time. It was quite rowdy when I came down to set up my microphone and there were about 30 women dressed in bright novelty outfits….hens night… yikes! Stewart and I had to hide the distinct look of terror in our eyes. They’re the worst to entertain: they have little respect and can get nasty when they’re drunk – memories were flooding back to Stew from his gigs in the 80’s.

The Ori in Tumut – an old photo, it’s done up now
Anyway Stew was dealing with setting up the foldback and one of the hen’s night women came into the performing area, stood behind the mic and started touching things and started pressing buttons on the foot switches and said “How do I press all these buttons”. Stew (who prides himself on not ‘suffering fools at gigs anymore’) asked her very firmly “Step off the stage and I’ll tell you!” Uh oh, this is going to be a very long night!

Thank God about 5 minutes before we were about to start, they got up and left! … so there, being rude to drunks does work J The remainder of the crowd were fantastic. We were performing our own songs and a couple of men were dancing and having a good time.

At one point one of the men ‘Tom’ (well, he said his name was Tom) asked if he could get up and sing ‘Delilah’ with Stewart … why not, these guys were nice guys. And of course, Stew knew ‘Delilah’. So I stood back and let them take over while I played tambourine and percussion – over shadowed once again : )

Stew and Tom singing 'Delilah'
It was a great night. We had an audience to feed off until a bit later when it got quiet again, so we even got an early mark and finished about 40 minutes early.

Tomorrow our gig starts earlier at 7.30 pm. It should be the same sort of crowd. Maybe stew can teach me a verse of Delilah – just in case. Mind you Stew’s lyrics sounded a bit rude last night – not the original Tom Jones version I’m sure!

4th October 2010

This time next week we'll be back in Blackheath. We've got a couple of things to do in Tumut this morning, but then we'll be racing off to a campground to get half way to Canberra. We've got an interview on ABC Canberra tomorrow at 11.30 am.
Four gigs left to go.....

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