Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - Kunnunurra and The Grotto WA

2nd September 2010
The landscape across the top end reminds us of something out of a 'wild west' movie. There are large rocks formations and ranges. I tried to take pics to show you but it just doesn't come across the way we're seeing it here.

Today we drove about 500 k’s to get past Fitzroy Crossing. We found a wonderful spot high up on a hill – can’t remember what it was called. The stars were amazing, the view was great and the wind felt almost spiritual - uh oh too much time in the wilderness:)

The view from the top

Sexy stew at sunset

Normally when we’re traveling we love camping near the beach and we fall asleep to the sound of the waves, but in the outback I have become attached to the moon for some strange reason. We sleep with all the doors open and in the middle of the night, I wake up and I see the moon shining right down on us, it’s very beautiful. Unfortunately pictures don’t do the view justice.

Freddy on the 'hunt' for food scraps at yet another campsite

Got another song up and running called ‘Sin for Love’ which Stew and I worked on in the night. I’ve got about 4 unfinished songs now, so I think I need to go back now and finish them. I hope the original intention of each song isn't lost with me going back and forth between them.

Stew and I were talking about the next album. We certainly have enough songs for the next one. We decided we'll try to get one done for the end of next year. That will give me enough time to write some fresh material and then have enough to pick and choose from. I’d like to use more live instruments on the next album and lots of percussion for the uptempo songs ... Lindsay get ready for some recording sessions!

The song ‘58’ is a bit of a hit on the road. Each time we do it people come up to us and tell us their age (even if it's not 58) and then ask if I can send them an mp3 of the song…..nice.

3rd September 2010
Left the hill this morning. The weather is excruciatingly hot, but if there is wind about, it relieves us from the heat. We need to get to Kununurra for the 5th Sept for our gig at the Pumphouse, so we're traveling pretty fast on our way back. Although I am annoying Stew with my plea’s to stop at every ‘Boab’ tree so I can pick some Boab eggs. He’s very patient.

It's about time Stew took a pic ... nice rear vision mirror!

We stopped at Halls Creek once again on our way back through. Stewart had to finish up some jingle work. He hasn’t stopped working since we left, the studio work is very busy and we’re pretty lucky we can still travel, tour and work at the same time, with stew's laptop recording 'studio'..
We passed Wolf Creek : ) So many people warned us about Wolf Creek, ... guys, it was just a movie! ...We're not dead yet!

At Wolf Creek a meteor hit there about 300,000 years ago - give or take a month ... a bit of a dent

We wandered off a dirt track just past Halls Creek to find a quiet camping area and we found one nestled in a valley, more gorgeous views of the ranges. Spent the night writing, reading and dousing ourselves with water : )

We should to get to Kununurra tomorrow.

4th September 2010
Not too far away from Kununura there’s a place called ‘The Grotto’. It’s a winding road leading right up to the top of a hill which looks down over a gorge. There’s a swimming hole once you climb down the 147 man made steps through the gorge. Stew, Freddy and I headed down the steps to cool ourselves in the springs. There’s normally a waterfall in the wet season, but not today.

The Grotto
Down the 147 Steps carrying Freddy

The sign’s everywhere said that you could swim, but to watch out for crocs. We passed this lady on her way back up and she said the water was beautiful and clear and well worth a swim.

When we finally got down there, the water was greenish and there was nobody else there. We weren’t too sure about swimming. There were these big goanna type animals on the rocks and swimming around. I think they’re called ‘Rock monitors’.

Rock monitors

After sitting around for 20 minutes debating whether I was going to go in, I decided I would take the plunge. Apparently it gets to 100 metres deep. I didn’t even want to think about what was in there!

So Stew and I made a plan. I was going to go in first. Real quick while he watched Freddy … how convenient. The rocks were slippery and while I was trying to be sophisticated and graceful I accidently slipped off the rocks and fell in the water ... too late to think about crocs now!

It was so cool and fresh but had a slimey feeling. When I saw a rock monitor dive in I splashed my way out of the water…..Stew’s turn haha.

After being there a while some locals turned up and they said the only time there would be crocs in the water is when the waterfall is running, during the wet season. Without the waterfall they can’t get to The Grotto. But they also said that there were snakes in the water, but they weren’t dangerous ... I have a theory "All Snakes Are Dangerous!"

Freddy blending in with the rocks

Stew's impression of Tom Hanks in 'Castaway' ... mmm, sexy legs

It was about 50k’s from the Grotto to Kununurra so off we went. We found another swimming beach which was part of the Ord River, the main river here. There are signs everywhere about crocodiles, but people seem to be swimming regardless.

We haven’t met a croc yet : ) ... we'd like to keep it that way


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