Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gypsy soul tour diary - Heading to Uluru

22nd September 2010

We’re leaving Scott and Raelene’s place this morning - oh sad! Had to wake up at 7 bloody 30 am to say goodbye to Raelene who was heading off to work - 8 AM is usually my limit!!!. Raelene gave me a beautiful necklace made by her from native bush seeds - I love it!

Since we were up and about we got packing a lot earlier than we expected. Had our last warm shower and did our last load of laundry and borrowed my last piece of bread to make some toast with butter ... mmm : )

We got to talk heaps more to Scott about the culture and government involvement. They feel the government's 'Intervention' has generally been a good thing for the Indigenous people, especially the women and kids who feel a lot safer with police being much more visible. Apparently even when the army were brought in at the start, they were very helpful and did a lot of re-building campsites etc for the communities.

Galah's in the garden at Scott's place

I really learnt a lot about the aboriginal culture staying with Scott and Raelene. I'm especially interested in the Aboriginal art and the bush plants. They're setting up a 'bush-tucker' walk where Raelene will do tutorials about their culture, so I'd love to learn all about that. Raelene's mum invited us to come back and stay longer - so hopefully we can fit that in sometime soon. We said our goodbyes to Scott and the kids. Scott loaded us up with beer and wine for the rest of our trip. He reminded us "It's a bit hard to buy this stuff around here at this time of day": )

Some very old aboriginal art

We’re trying to make it half way to Uluru today. About an hour into our trip we stopped at a camel farm just out of curiousity. We had a ride on 'Eddie' the camel ... just like riding a horse really, but bumpier when the camel runs ... Stew said he was feeling every bump in a very personal place! It was fun but not as much fun when someone’s leading you on a rein : (

Give us a kiss 'Eddie'

As you can see by our clothes, it was sunny, but still cold

The owner of the camel took the pics and the girl in the pic, who was training, kept saying 'Eddie, c'mon lets go' and Eddie would just moan and groan - he wouldn't do anything until the owner came over and gave him a command. Typical male power thing going on there :)

Thanks for the ride Eddie

We found a camp spot early in the afternoon and just rested ... phew! Tommorrow we expect to be in Uluru ... yooohoo

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