Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gypsy Soul Tour Diary - 1

16 July 2010

Leaving Home
The van is packed to the brim. Freddy (the dog) knows that something is going as we go up and down the stairs of our house packing things away, he's sticking close to our side, just incase we leave him behind.
Computers are switched off. No turning back now.

We set off and had to turn back 3 times because we forgot important things. Our first stop is Bathurst for a radio interview at 2BS Gold at 3.30PM. Managed to snag some accommodation for our first night here. Nathan a friend from Sydney has a sister in Bathurst who he happens to be visiting right now, BINGO - we're in. After Dubbo in terms of accommodation we're on our own in the outback, no friends or family.

Feeling a bit nervous about our first show at the Jack Duggins tonight, mainly because it's always hard breaking the ice. I'm sure it will be fine.

The interview was short and sweet, we sang 'Gypsy Soul' they loved it : ) Phew!

Went back to Nathan's Sisters house and lit some illegal fireworks in the park - nice


Evening after the show
The Jack Duggins show ended up being a good one. Good crowd and fun. Got lots of people up and dancing. Nathan came by and took some photos and video. He was pretty amazing. He also doubled up as a roadie which was very handy.
At the end of the night there were these two men with heavy accents who came to me and said they really enjoyed the show and one of the men said 'Good luck with the tour' and the other one butted in aggressively and said 'They don't need luck!' .....haha that was cute.
Being a pub it wasn't exactly a concert situation. Tomorrow we have a house concert where I will feel right at home.
We slept in the van on the lawn of the people we were staying at, had a sleepless night because it was FREEZING. There was frost on my nose.

Stay tuned for more info - pics below from jack duggins hotel 

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